William Charles Norton.  Photo collection of Norton Family.

William Charles Norton. Photo collection of Norton Family.

William Charles Norton was born 29 November, 1896 at Forest Range.  Labourer.

Parents : Samuel Gascoyne Norton and Sarah Ann Stafford, married 20 February 1896.

Enlisted : 25 May 1916.  Number 2963.  50th Battalion

Action : Sailed from Adelaide on the Afric on 7 November, 1916.  After spending some time in hospital in England in July 1917 he moved to France for fighting.  He was a Lance Corporal.  British War Medal, Victory Medal.  See AIF projectAustralian War Memorial and National Archives for further information.

Died : Killed in action 25 April 1918 near Villers-Bretonneux, France.

Buried : Commemorated at Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, Villers-Bretonneux, Villers-Bretonneux Area, France.


  1. William Charles (born Forest Range, SA, 29 November 1896, died near Villers-Bretonneux, France 25 April 1918)
  2. Samuel Walter (born Forest Range, SA, 3 August 1898)
  3. Clarence John (born Forest Range, SA, 20 September 1899, died Renmark, SA)
  4. Nelson Hope (born Forest Range, SA, 5 May 1901, died Adelaide, SA, 12 March 1987)
  5. Pearl Eileen (born Forest Range, SA, 20 January 1903)
  6. Annie (born Forest Range, SA, 29 July 1904)
  7. Sarah (born Forest Range, SA, 11 August 1905, married name Alexander)
  8. Myrtle Linda (born Forest Range, SA, 1 June 1907, died 1972, married name Harvey)
  9. Stephen Norman (born Forest Range, SA, 23 May 1909)
  10. Clement Gascoyne (born Forest Range, SA, 10 November 1910, died 1982)
  11. Ronald Lionel (born 11 April 1914)
  12. Hartley Graham (born 24 June 1921, died Hanover, Germany 3 October 1943)


14 thoughts on “Norton, William Charles

    • That is great, thanks Anne. We rely on people to give us dates so didn’t have the birth dates or correct order. I will update tonight and if you know more I will update them too. Also if you have any photos do pass on for our history collection.

      regards Jo.

  1. Hi Jo, I’ve found this site while researching William. My great great grandmother was Martha Norton, sister of Samuel Gascoyne Norton, Will’s father. I have my great great grandmothers photo album which has an original copy of the photo of Will pictured above as well as numerous other photos and newspaper clippings of the Norton Family. I’ve learnt all I can about Will through his war records. I would love to share the photos and clippings that I have with the Norton Family. Can you please pass on my details to Anne who I assume is part of the Norton family. Kind Regards Sharon

    • Hi Sharon, would it be possible for us to get together and take a copy of the photos for our history group. I will message you in private. Pleased our page has helped you.
      regards Jo

    • Hi Sharon
      Thank you thank you for contacting regarding family history. I would dearly love to see the pictures you have. Samuel Gascoyne was my great grandfather.
      My mother has some photos that she is happy to share with you; I know one is of Uncle Hartley in his cricket outfit, another of the girls together. There are more too.
      Looking forward to getting in touch further. Happy to give you my direct contact details but not sure how to do that. Jo, can you enlighten me?

  2. Hi Jo, I live in Newcastle NSW so that might be a bit tricky. I’ll message the pics to the history group facebook page.

  3. Thanks Sharon. That will be great. If you ever have them scanned (600 dpi if possible) it would be great if you could send us a USB stick with some so that we can add to our collection. Best wishes.

  4. Heeelllooo Anne, I’ve wanted to share the album for the longest time. I’m so, so happy to make contact. If Jo could please send you my email address or send me yours, I have so much to share. You could facebook me if that’s easier. It would be great if you could forward on the email I sent you Jo, it has my contact details and it will explain lots. The photos have all been done professionally and are mostly of the girls but there is one of a gentleman that I’ve often wondered if it was Samuel. I hope so. Hopefully your Mum can tell us. Be in touch real soon.

  5. Hi, I am grandson on Clement Gascoyne Norton and am interested in any family history available and photos. I have been undertaking some research on my great-great grandfather William John Norton who immigrated to South Australia in 1848 from Scaldwell England.

    • Hi Jeffrey, William Norton was my 3x great grandfather so I think we share some DNA. My email address is samason1@optusnet.com.au. I have my great great grandmother Martha Norton’s photo album. No photos of William or Annie but some of their children. I do have some newspaper clippings with William and Annie’s death notices and some wedding announcements that I’d love to share. Martha would be Clement’s Aunty. Sharon

  6. Hi Jeffrey,
    Have you read the full Anzac research on William? It is at https://frlhganzac.wordpress.com/2015/04/28/the-forgotten-monument/ for free download or in the State Library. There are a couple of others doing research on that family and they may see your query here and comment. I will give them a little and if not I will email some directly and ask if I can pass their details on to you. Perhaps if you say your direct line (grandfather and maybe grandmother) we can link you to the closest family section.
    Regards Jo

  7. Norton researchers. I will setup a link for Norton research on our history group’s family page and upload a few images that we also have. Please give me a month to do that and then come back here to check for the link. It would be great if you also share what you have with our group (via that page) so that others might also benefit in future.
    Wonderful to see you all getting together.

  8. Thanks Jo, that’s a great idea. Anne is going to see an old Aunt who may be able to tell us who is in some of the pics. Many thanks for your help.

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