Lawrence Eglinton.  Courtesy Pat Eglinton.

Lawrence Eglinton. Courtesy Pat Eglinton.

Laurence Eglinton was born 11 November 1894 at Terowie, South Australia.  He was a labourer.

Parents : Thomas Eglinton and Elizabeth Mary Rowe married on 3 December 1878 at Burra, South Australia.

Enlisted : Number 2106.  He enlisted on 6 April, 1916.    50th Battalion.

Action : He left Adelaide on 13 July 1916 on the Seang Bee.  British War Medal, Victory Medal.  See AIF projectAustralian War Memorial and National Archives for further information.

Died : Killed in action on 2 April 1917 near Noreuil, France

Buried : Memorial at Noreuil Australian Cemetery, Noreuil, Bapaume Cambrai Area, France.  The actual grave was blown up in later bombing.


  1. Elizabeth Mary (born Canowie SA, 3 October 1879, died 5 August 1928. Meribah, SA, married name Pavy)
  2. John Charles (born Gumbowie SA, 6 January 1882, died, Beverley SA, 23 March 1944)
  3. James Leslie (born Stony Creek SA, 23 April 1884, died 1952)
  4. Thomas William (born Stony Creek SA, 1 September 1885, died Moneint Wood, Villers-Bretonneux, France, 9 May 1918)
  5. Wilfrid Rowe (born Munjibbie SA, 6 February 1889, died Swan Reach, SA, 12 April 1970)
  6. Clarence Roy (born Munjibbie SA,18 November 1891, died Polygon Wood, Belgium, 20 September, 1917)
  7. Laurence (born Munjibbie SA, 11 November 1894, died Noreuil, France, 2 April 1917)
  8. Violet (born Munjibbie SA 10 September 1897, died Swan Reach SA, 17 October 1979, married name Cook)

Five of the six Eglinton sons were accepted to fight.

John Charles Eglinton and Laurence Eglinton enlisted on the same day. Laurence was killed in action near near Noreuil, France, on 2 April 1917, aged 23.  Clarence Roy Eglinton, 27th Battalion, was killed in action near Ypres, Belgium, on 29 September 1917 aged 26 years.  Thomas William Eglinton was killed in action near Villers-Bretonneux, France, on 9 May 1918 at 32 years.  Wilfred Rowe Eglinton was wounded in action in July 1916. He was later accidentally wounded during training on 7 January 1917 and discharged as medically unfit in December 1917.  John Charles returned to Australia for discharge for family reasons on 8 November 1918.


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