Clarence Eglinton.  Courtesy Marlene Hellmans.

Clarence Eglinton. Courtesy Marlene Hellmans.

Clarence Roy Eglinton was born 18 November 1891 at Munjibbie (Terowie), South Australia.  He was a labourer.

Parents :  Thomas Eglinton and Elizabeth Mary Rowe married on 3 December 1878 at Burra, South Australia.

Enlisted : Number 3104.  Enlisted 6 August 1915.   27th Battalion

Action : Sailed from Adelaide on 12 January 1916 on the Medic.  Fought in France and Belgium.   A number of hospital stays for various illnesses.  Lance Corporal.  British War Medal, Victory Medal.  See AIF projectAustralian War Memorial and National Archives for further information.

Died : Killed in action 20 September, 1917 in Polygon Wood, Belgium

Buried :  Commemorated at Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, panel 23


  1. Elizabeth Mary (born Canowie SA, 3 October 1879, died 5 August 1928. Meribah, SA, married name Pavy)
  2. John Charles (born Gumbowie SA, 6 January 1882, died, Beverley SA, 23 March 1944)
  3. James Leslie (born Stony Creek SA, 23 April 1884, died 1952)
  4. Thomas William (born Stony Creek SA, 1 September 1885, died Moneint Wood, Villers-Bretonneux, France, 9 May 1918)
  5. Wilfrid Rowe (born Munjibbie SA, 6 February 1889, died Swan Reach, SA, 12 April 1970)
  6. Clarence Roy (born Munjibbie SA,18 November 1891, died Polygon Wood, Belgium, 20 September, 1917)
  7. Laurence (born Munjibbie SA, 11 November 1894, died Noreuil, France, 2 April 1917)
  8. Violet (born Munjibbie SA 10 September 1897, died Swan Reach SA, 17 October 1979, married name Cook)

Five of the six Eglinton sons were accepted to fight.

John Charles Eglinton and Laurence Eglinton enlisted on the same day. Laurence was killed in action near near Noreuil, France, on 2 April 1917, aged 23.  Clarence Roy Eglinton, 27th Battalion, was killed in action near Ypres, Belgium, on 29 September 1917 aged 26 years.  Thomas William Eglinton was killed in action near Villers-Bretonneux, France, on 9 May 1918 at 32 years.  Wilfred Rowe Eglinton was wounded in action in July 1916. He was later accidentally wounded during training on 7 January 1917 and discharged as medically unfit in December 1917.  John Charles returned to Australia for discharge for family reasons on 8 November 1918.


7 thoughts on “Eglinton, Clarence Roy

  1. I had been searching for history on my father’s family. His name was Cyril James Mason, his grandfather was Charles Eglinton. I had heard that three of his cousins had been lost in the war and I stumbled across this by accident. I am both saddened and astounded at what those boys’ parents must have gone through. My father lost a brother in that war too, (Charles Alfred Robe Mason) though he never knew him, Charles having enlisted before he was born, and killed in action while my father was only 2 years old. My god, those times must have been extremely hard.

    • Thanks for your comment Shana. We are doing research on the LIVES of each of these 15 men and will have a booklet completed in time for our 2015 Anzac service at the memorial at Forest Range. In the booklet we will detail something that is not immediately obvious when one reads the names, that is that most of the men were related. So, as you point out CAR Mason was a cousin to Eglinton’s. But also so was Hocking, his mother was Elizabeth, daughter of the Charles Eglinton you are researching. Please contact me offline (jo.shaw6655@gmail.com) as I live right next to Charles Eglinton’s house at Forest Range and I have an Eglinton family tree from someone at Montacute. Our history group also has a two ‘stories’ and one oral history we will soon complete editing from the Mason family. These will be uploaded to http://historylfr.wordpress.com/ and our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LenswoodForestRangeLocalHistory when complete. (Forgive a short delay as we have two large projects to complete first.)

  2. hi Jo, my name is Jan Yates, and have been researching the Eglinton family. My grandmother Violet cook) is a sister to the dear boys who lost their lives in the war. Have found a reasonable amount and would be interested in the booklet you mentioned. Also if you have earlier family history of their father, and grandparents etc, would be delighted to have validation of what i have found. Cheers.

    • Hi Jan,

      We have a number of Eglinton from a range of the lines, including Violet’s, attending on Anzac Day. They will be at the service at 10 am at Forest Range and also at the school after for a small display, sausage sizzle and get together. I will have the booklet there on USB for $10 or can take orders for more printed copies. Although this isn’t an Eglinton reunion there are quite a few coming and I strongly urge you all to get together and chat. Eglintons are ripe for a book there is so much info. I have some photos that are not in the book, including your grandmother and great grandfather (so message me your email address). I live in front of the house that your gg grandfather built here – my gg grandfather bought it from them. Also check the photo of your g grandfather on https://www.facebook.com/LenswoodForestRangeLocalHistory and also of Wilfred with a rabbit cart. Happy to check what you have after Anzac.

    • Hi,
      I have more photos, including the originals of the 5 brothers that enlisted, their parents, grandparents and great grandparents.
      I’ve done a bit of research and have photos of the 3 brothers and their sister that came out from Scotland.


      • Thanks Heather. There are quite a few Eglintons coming on the day so if you can be there too that is great. Otherwise I will share some other Eglinton contact details after the event. There is so much Eglinton information I hope that someone grasps the opportunity and moves ahead with a consolidated history. From the point of view of our History Group our focus at this time has been on the soldiers (and yes we have scanned originals of those army photos thanks). We have a photo of Thomas and his wife but if you would like to scan and share yours we will add anything new to our history files. The same is true of Charles Robe and his wife – he has a lot of descendants here (as his daughters married locally). Please use the email address you find at the About link on this site (lfrlocalhistory@gmail.com). If you are coming on the day parking will be tricky so allow plenty of time for parking at the memorial on Lobethal Road, Forest Range. Depending on which way you drive in you will pass by the house that Charles Robe Eglinton built in mid 1800’s https://lfrplaces.wordpress.com/lobethal-road/#eg-fry. There has been an Eglinton group share a website that they are putting up and, after the event I will, if appropriate by that group, post their links so you can all chat/share/learn. Thanks for your interest.

      • Hello ladies,

        It’s been a while since you posted but I would be very interested in your photos and information on the Eglinton’s. I am a descendant of Charles Robe and Christina Zadow and keen to know and see anything on the family history. I wish someone would consolidate the family history into a book as we are all researching the same thing.

        I was fortunate enough to visit the grave of Laurence Eglinton when in France earlier this year. It is quite hard to visit the Somme and not feel sorrow for all those lost lives of young men, especially as a parent myself. Poor Thomas and Elizabeth.

        My email address is bubble_401@hotmail.com. I would love to hear from you.

        Kind regards & best wishes to you all.

        Kim Eglinton

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