It is  interesting to work out why someone is listed on our memorial.  Some were born here and lived here.  Some were born here but lived elsewhere.  Some were born elsewhere and lived here.  And some had friends here and may have been living and working here.  There another name on the honour board of The Forest Oak Tent of the United Ancient Order of Druids – this person died but is not on the memorial.  Who was he?

Investigation shows the person was born in Lobethal but the family had a lot to do with this district, two of them marrying here.  Clearly he was a member of The Forest Oak Tent.  Who was he?  Why is his name not on the enlistment records?  What name did he enlist under?

We have solved that puzzle and found that we even have relatives still living here.

Eric Reu enlisted to fight as Eric Roy.  SERN 816

Carl Erich Reu (Eric) was born at Lobethal on 1 October 1887. He was the youngest child of Carl Rudolf Ferdinand Reu and Anna Augusta Marie Noack.  Despite being born in Lobethal he had strong ties to the Forest Range district.  His sister, Marie, married Hurtle Norton, brother of Bert Norton.  Otto Reu played in the Forest Range Football Club, along with Hurtle Norton in 1904.  He married Cadelia Norton (Hurtle sister and sister to Bert Norton).  He was a member of Forest Oak Druids before he moved to Victoria with another sister.

He enlisted just 15 days after declaration of the war, on 19 August 1914, at the age of 27.  He was in the 5th Battalion and was in Egypt training when he died of pneumonia on 17 March 1915.  He is buried at the Cairo War Memorial Cemetery.

1914-1915 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal.  See AIF projectAustralian War Memorial and National Archives for further information.


  1. Meta Marie (born Germany, 11 August 1872, died SA 2 June 1944, married name Love)
  2. Anna Margueritte (born Germany, 1873, died Carlton, Victoria 2 June 1909, married name Stevenson)
  3. Marie (born Lobethal, SA 1878, died North Adelaide, SA 27 October 1971, married name Norton)
  4. Alfred Gustav (born Lobethal, SA 1880, died SA 1960)
  5. Otto Bernard (born Lobethal, SA 14 September 1884, died SA 30 May 1958)
  6. Elise Augusta (born Lobethal, SA 15 November 1882, died 1958, married name Schwab)
  7. Minna Margareta (born Lobethal, SA 1885, died Lobethal SA 1886)
  8. Carl Erich (born Lobethal, SA 1 October 1887, died Mena, Egypt, 17 March 1915)


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